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Where hockey fans can get their goodies!

Santa_scores, for holiday hockey secret santas!
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providing holiday egifts for hockey fans
Welcome to santa_scores, a hockey secret santa community! The point is simple -- we've got a lot of talent here on LJ, and face it, we all enjoy getting egifts! Presents do NOT have to be anything you pay for -- we're talking icons, fic, banners, graphics, fanmixes and anything else your mind can wrap around! Your friendly neighborhood mods -- myself and a few others to be named soon, will divy up assignments, and you'll have until Christmas week to post your gifts. Teaser gifts are awesome, but please email them to redheaded.bitca@gmail if you'd like them posted, as to keep your anonymity from your gifter!

Here's some basic timelines:
11/18: The community is born, wishlists are open for submission.
11/30: Wishlists are closed -- any late submissions should be emailed to redheaded.bitca@gmail.com
12/3: Assignments are emailed out
12/25-1/5: Gifts are posted. The holidays are a crazy time, we all know, and this gives us a good block of time. Granted, if you need longer to complete your santa duties, that's fine, but please let me know. I'd like to have everything wrapped up-- no pun intented -- by 1/15.

It's that simple! We're still looking for a layout expert to help us make the community look as pretty as the amazing gifts you gals will be making, so if you can help, email me at redheaded.bitca@gmail.com or IM me at goldenchick1687.

Below is the form you need to post to participate. Keep checking the community for mod updates, as well as teaser gifts after 12/3!

email: (if you do not want to post this, please email it to redheaded.bitca@gmail.com)
What can Santa bring you:
Teams and players of choice:
What can you do best:
What teams/players do you write/graphic best:
What can you absolutely NOT do:
What teams/players can you absolutely NOT do:

And a special thanks to luxe_romanesque for the awesome community name!

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